Winter in the City

I'll admit, I've neglected to update this page for quite some time. The last time I wrote anything here, I had just started a new chapter in life by joining an AI startup in NYC as an engineer. I was eager to pursue two dreams of mine blended into one - living in the big city and working with artificial intelligence.

Much to my surprise, I'm now writing this still without my own apartment here (not counting subleases and Airbnb's) and perhaps more surprisingly with a brand new job as an engineer for Amazon. Hopefully now it'll be easier to hunker down.


It's hard not to look back at this time one year ago, where I was practically broke, living alone in the Outer Banks, reaching the limits of my patience and stamina and bank account as a solo founder working on Quantizy. I did not expect life to change so fast, to go from working on a venture of one to an enterprise of millions, to go from living isolated on a sandbar to being embedded in Manhattan (ah, but the city can still be a lonely place, can't she?), but I am beyond grateful for these tides of change.

And now we'll see what 2022 brings.

Updated: Dec 31 2021

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